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Business English Courses

Business English in the UK

Most English courses cover basic language skills and daily vocabulary, but they aren’t enough for professionals who want to develop their activities in English. It isn’t uncommon that students, juniors or even seniors, look for an English course and come out disappointed. They might find some good courses that will help them improve their proficiency and keep a conversation with someone else in English, as well as understand letters, newspapers and even some articles.

However, when they started their career, they had to learn a new language, which is the technical language of their profession: new terms, new phrases and new codes. Those aren’t words and expressions that they used before, in their daily lives. Accordingly, a typical English course won’t help them learn the same words and phrases, they need a special course. Read More...

One to One English Course

Learning techniques

One of the biggest challenges students have faced from the very beginning is how to actually get to learn what they are taught in schools and academies, and even in self-learning scenarios. Passing exams and remembering contents has been a struggle for many people since they first went to school. There were the brilliant kids, the smart kids, the average kids, and those who didn't do well at the exams, perhaps because they didn't try, or because they tried and yet didn't succeed.

Lots of educational challenges can be overcome with the right teaching and learning technique. In other words, a student who fails at learning can actually have a ver good performance if he or she acquires techniques and strategies that are good for their particular case. As you see, our main learning organ is our brain, and this brain of ours is shaped by genetics, experiences and exposure to substances, nutrients and environmental factors. This means that not all brains are the same, so we don't all learn the same way. Yet, we are taught the same way in schools and other instutions, and evaluated the same way as well.  Read More...

Intensive English course

Approaches to English

There is a high worldwide demand of English courses for all ages and all areas. This language is most useful in many scenarios, and English proficiency has become a very valuable asset in any applicant for a job, a scolarship or any opportunity of the like. Also, the ability to read, speak and comprehend English provides access to plenty of content for English speakers of ther languages, including educational content and scientific research, entertainment, job opportunities and many others. There is a huge difference between being and not being proficient in English when it comes to promotions, entrepreneurships and international networking. English has truly become a dividing factor between those who can and can not access most things they fancy.

Most people will benefit greatly from learning English, but not all of them will acquire proficiency the same way. Each person has their own preferred method for learning, based on their stronger skills and their capabilities. There is no method that is, in itself, better than any other. It's just a matter of how well it suits a person's particular, natural, learning style.  Read More...

English Immersion Course

The benefits of immersion courses

It is no news that English proficiency has become one of the most useful - and valorated - assets in the world. Be it for work purposes, educational purposes, traveling or simply accessing information and communicating, the English language will open many doors that remain closed to those who can't speak and read it properly.

More and more people are becoming interested in learning English, so teachers and instututions must develop modern and efficient methodologies in order to absorb the increasing demand and provide the best courses and learning environments, so they can become competitive in the market and reach success. The traditional scheme of a classroom and classes centered in a teacher giving a lecture is still useful for many, but it has proven to be too limited when it comes to actual and useful learning for real life situations.


Private english course

Vacations in Ireland

There are definitely many places in the United Kingdom that can attract tons of visitors, both from other sites in the UK, and from abroad. Big cities, amazing landscapes and a rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the places that certainly attracts tourists on a regular basis is Ireland.

There are many things to Ireland that make it a great holiday destination for anyone. This country has so much to offer, from the vibrant life of the big cities to the mysterious legends in the countryside. Its celtic legacy has made this land attractive for those who seek the wonder, the msystery and the thrill of the supernatural. The green hills of Ireland have been depicted in countless stories and myths, and many places are said to be haunted or enchanted, both in the wilderness and in cities. Read More...

Higher Education Funding Council Tel 0844 850 0038

Higher Education Funding Council 

Quality education is priceless and is one of the key aspects that help ensure a country’s growth. If a country has a lot of schools that offer quality education it will retain students instead of them going - and staying- abroad for study and it will attract foreign students. But how can schools ensure quality education? Where do they get funding, how can they benchmark their systems and research against other schools and who regulates all these schools? This is where the HEFCE comes in. This is the organization that has higher education as its main focus. 

What is the HEFCE? 

HEFCE is short for Higher Education Funding Council for England a non departmental public body of the English government and was established in 1992. Its goal is to create and maintain that which is needed to provide world-class higher education system which can transform lives, strengthen the economy while enriching society at the same time.

The HEFCE has the following main roles:

Understanding testing hair for drug and alcohol abuse

Drugs: use, abuse and addiction

One of the biggest challenges of social workers and health professionals is to fight the use and abuse of dangerous drugs and narcotics. The tempting and addicting power of drugs is as old as time, and even other animals often succumb to drug use and abuse when they find them in nature. However, many of these substances are harmful to our health and to our behaviour as social beings, and the biggest danger of all is that they slowly take away from us the power to resist the urge to take more and more.

There are many stories of both people who died of drug abuse - often after leading a miserable existence - and those who could overcome their addictions and learned life lessons that they can teach to others. Law enforcers, health professionals and government organizations struggle to protect people from the terrible effects of drugs. Not only do they try to discover and erradicate illegal drugs and their use, but also to protect the rest of the citizens from the harmful effects of both the drugs and the behaviour of the addicts. Illegal drugs are sometimes linked to crime or antisocial behaviour, as well as carelessness about their effect on other people. In example, many drug users aren't aware of their effects on children; kids are more vulnerable to illegal drugs as well as to any other drug they take, from alcohol to medicines. Taking drugs while pregnant or breastfeeding, smoking in front of children, and other careless behaviours endangers the life and health of kids. It isn't uncommon that drug users are so damaged in their brains that they tend to forget or underestimate the clear impact that what they do has on children - as well as the fact that it matters. Read More...

Improve your medical training

Who takes care of the caretakers?

One of the noblest and more important professions in the world is healthcare. Doctors, nurses, physicians and all other people who work to protect our health, cure our diseases and heal our wounds. We need them, and they do a great good by helping us all. All of their effort and work should be properly acknowledged, and it is their responsibility to learn and practise so they can become the best they can be at their job, for our sake and the sake of society. They need to train their abilities and be up to date with the latest discoveries on the medical sciences so they can provide the best care possible to all their patients. All of us have needed a doctor in the past, and we will need them again in the future. Healthcare professionals work every day so we can move on with our lives and have our suffering relieved.

Taking care of ill people is one of the most difficult tasks. It wears people off because it's very demanding, both physically and emotionally. There is little excuse to miss a call for help. When a patient is rushed into the hospital, doctors and nurses have to forget they're tired, or hungry, or just not in their best mood. Someone needs them and they have to be there. They have to run and do their best every time. They see people at their worst and more vulnerable, they deliver bad news and even see people die in front of them. They behold the effects of pain, fear and anguish. And they must endure and go on. And on. Every day. Read More...

Shredding Sensitive Documents

Many companies receive and publish a lot of confidential information in a day. The information should be kept safe when in use nd professionally disposed when no longer needed. Disposal of confidential documents is a delicate task; it should be done carefully, and there should not be a trace of the destroyed documents.

The types of documents that should be shredded include bank statements, photo IDs, credit card details, receipt copies, tax returns and voided cheques among others. Read More...

Natural Gases Reduce Pollution

Clean activities for a sustainable life

Long have we neglected the effect that our everyday economy and technology has on the environment. Ever since we as a species lost our bond with the rest of Nature, and instead pursued technological development, we achieved a lot but also paid a price far higher than we first suspected. 

We are now more aware than before, for a number of reasons. Research and scientific advancement allows us to realize what the actual impact of our activities in the planet is every day. We can assess the status of the water, the air and the soil, and understand how the climate is changing and species are dissappearing or migrating, pushed around by our own species.  Read More...


I now know better. I appreciate so much that you have made me and many more like me to stop viewing the debate on environmental degradation as politics. It impacts directly on our lives, perhaps even more than politics and I am happy to be part of this.  
Evan Benson
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Voices of reason

Very informative and on point. I like this site because it has provided us with a platform to get our voices heard as a group and speak out against those who are out to mess up our environment. I recommend you join us.
Anthony Kay
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