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Vacations in Ireland

There are definitely many places in the United Kingdom that can attract tons of visitors, both from other sites in the UK, and from abroad. Big cities, amazing landscapes and a rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the places that certainly attracts tourists on a regular basis is Ireland.

There are many things to Ireland that make it a great holiday destination for anyone. This country has so much to offer, from the vibrant life of the big cities to the mysterious legends in the countryside. Its celtic legacy has made this land attractive for those who seek the wonder, the msystery and the thrill of the supernatural. The green hills of Ireland have been depicted in countless stories and myths, and many places are said to be haunted or enchanted, both in the wilderness and in cities.

However, Ireland isn't just about all the myth that surounds it, all the magic it is said to hold within, and the fantastic natural landscapes of coastline, hillsides and druidic forests. There are many things to do in Ireland. It is also a very active country with buzzing cities that offer all the modern attractions to tourists and visitors. A buzzing nightlife, plenty of activities and adventure, big shopping centers, historic buildings of many ages, museums, and great cultural movements with shows, festivals and performances all over the place. These are just some of all things that make Ireland perfect for a holiday stay. Whatever it is that you like, you are sure to find some of that if you visit here. You can come with your family, your friends, your significant other or alone; you will have a great time anyway.

A stay in Belfast

Belfast might not be the most widely known Irish city, but it is worth to consider it as a possible holiday destination next time you go visit Ireland. Belfast has a great backround and it was quite important back in the day, when it homed many industries, which gave it a very dynamic lifestyle. Today, Belfast is a great city to go and visit, with fantastic offerings for tourists, and of course, all things that make Ireland great.

If you consider staying in Belfast for a while, you can find all sorts of accommodation that will suit any style and any budget you may have. Just as always, when you pick where to stay and what to do, you should rely on client reviews more than advertisement or even the site's webpage itself. We suggest that you look for packages on TripAdvisor in order to save some money and still get to see and do all that is great about Belfast.

Learn English during your next holiday in Belfast!

Being able to understand and speak English is very, very useful for any traveler. So, if you're going to spend some time at Belfast, where that is the language people use to communicate, why not kill two birds with one rock and use that time to develop your English skills a little more?

There is no better way to learn a language than the immersion scenario. If you stay at Belfast, you will be surrounded 24/7, wherever you go, by tons of native English speakers with whom you will have to interact in many real life situations. Immersion courses charge their students to have this kind of experience, which is very efficient and focused on the actual use of the language; when you go to Belfast for vacations, you can access all of that for free!

However, a teacher or mentor's guidance will always make the experience more fruitful for you. You will have someone qualified to correct you when you make mistakes, explain what you don't understand and guide you through your day. It is up to you whether you want to hire a tutor, go to an intensive English course while you're at Belfast, or just get by and interact with the native population by yourself. 

Many people take the chance to practice the local language when they go on vacation, and language learning holidays are far more popular than you think. You can take the chance to learn holiday vocabulary and develop your communicative skills. This is especially useful if you get bored with language courses, because you will learn while having fun, visiting new places, and doing activities in a foreign country. So next time you plan a holiday vacation, consider Belfast as a great place where to go, and once you're there, take some time to talk to the locals and practise your English skills.


I now know better. I appreciate so much that you have made me and many more like me to stop viewing the debate on environmental degradation as politics. It impacts directly on our lives, perhaps even more than politics and I am happy to be part of this.  
Evan Benson
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Voices of reason

Very informative and on point. I like this site because it has provided us with a platform to get our voices heard as a group and speak out against those who are out to mess up our environment. I recommend you join us.
Anthony Kay
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