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We all have a say in environmental matters

Natural Gases Reduce Pollution

Clean activities for a sustainable life

Long have we neglected the effect that our everyday economy and technology has on the environment. Ever since we as a species lost our bond with the rest of Nature, and instead pursued technological development, we achieved a lot but also paid a price far higher than we first suspected. 

We are now more aware than before, for a number of reasons. Research and scientific advancement allows us to realize what the actual impact of our activities in the planet is every day. We can assess the status of the water, the air and the soil, and understand how the climate is changing and species are dissappearing or migrating, pushed around by our own species. 

Also, we are starting to experience the consequences of our actions. We can feel the weather changing and getting more extreme, water levels rising, animals dissappearing or changing their behaviours, and skin cancer becoming more and more common as the Earth's natural protection against UV rays dissappears. The air over the cities looks brown from the distance and more and more sections of our planet lose their green coverage every year.

The only way to keep our level of civilization for longer is to change the way we do things so we don't destroy the environment. Pollution and exploitation of land might change the face of our planet forever. There are ways to keep living in this planet without this negative impact, but we need to make changes and implement new technologies and products before it's too late.

Alternative fuels and green energy

We need energy to run our appliances, factories and vehicles. From the lightbulbs of our homes to the helicopter that rescues climbers from the dangerous mountains, without energy we wouldn't be able to survive. The problem with energy today is that we use mostly non sustainable sources, and our exploitation of our energy resources generate several sorts of pollution that damage our environment.

Green energies are all around us. We have several ways to generate electricity without consuming any natural resource, or polluting the air and water. Those are rarely the dominant source of energy for our activities, but they are definively our only hope for a sustainable future. Coal and petrol, which are our main sources of energy nowadays, aren't renewable. Once we burn all our coual and all our petrol, we will be in trouble. However, sustainable energies like solar energy and hydroelectric energy are infinite, so we don't have to worry about running out of fuel in some years from now. 

Alternative fuel should be implemented in all areas of our life, and eventually, it will become our only option at all. However, the sooner we switch to green energy, the more we will be able to prevent the negative impact of pollution in the environment. If you are still unsure about green energies, click here to find out more about the difference between traditional and alternative energy sources and how they can pollute our environment.

Is petrol gas a good option?

LPG cars have been quite the buzz for a while, as a great way to save costs and, at the same time, protecting the environment. People have some concerns about liquid petrol gas, not all of which are grounded in reality. There is still misinformation about how LPG cars function and what the real impact in your personal finances is. 

For example, some say that engines running on petrol gas are more dangerous because the gas can leak and cause an explosion, when in reality gas tanks are designed with security valves to prevent any leak at all. Gas is safer the petrol, according to statistics, and it produces far less pollution than your regular petrol fuel.

Others say that it doesn't really help reduce costs, because the installation and manteinance are so expensive it's actually loss for you. Truth is, unless you barely use your car at all, the investment tends to pay off in a year or so. The difference in prices between LPG and petrol is so wide that you will be saving money before you realize it. 

Cars running on LPG don't have less performance or power than those on petrol, and there are so many pumps with LPG in the UK that you will rarely run out of gas. Even if you do, since your original petrol engine will still be in place, you can use that one and keep going. LPG is a great option for you, click here for more information on LPG cars and LPG conversion.


I now know better. I appreciate so much that you have made me and many more like me to stop viewing the debate on environmental degradation as politics. It impacts directly on our lives, perhaps even more than politics and I am happy to be part of this.  
Evan Benson
Lone Wolf Wealth Planning


Voices of reason

Very informative and on point. I like this site because it has provided us with a platform to get our voices heard as a group and speak out against those who are out to mess up our environment. I recommend you join us.
Anthony Kay
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