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Intensive English course

Approaches to English

There is a high worldwide demand of English courses for all ages and all areas. This language is most useful in many scenarios, and English proficiency has become a very valuable asset in any applicant for a job, a scolarship or any opportunity of the like. Also, the ability to read, speak and comprehend English provides access to plenty of content for English speakers of ther languages, including educational content and scientific research, entertainment, job opportunities and many others. There is a huge difference between being and not being proficient in English when it comes to promotions, entrepreneurships and international networking. English has truly become a dividing factor between those who can and can not access most things they fancy.

Most people will benefit greatly from learning English, but not all of them will acquire proficiency the same way. Each person has their own preferred method for learning, based on their stronger skills and their capabilities. There is no method that is, in itself, better than any other. It's just a matter of how well it suits a person's particular, natural, learning style. 

This has led to the development of several different approaches to learning the English language. If you want to gain proficiency in it, you should be smart and identify which method works best with your particular mindset and your personal capabilities. English teachers and course designers have developed a large volume of learning resources that are perfect for each different approach on the subject. Once you have identified your best way of learning, you should simply pick those resources that go with it, and create your own strategy for the study of English.

Learning resources

If you want to build your own arsenal of learning resources, you will have to run a little research first. This, provided that you have already identified the type of material that best goes with you. When you gather software, books, CDs and/or courses, you need to make sure that you are covering all areas of the language, even those in which you are not particularly interested. They are all important and you should leave nothing out. Good things about specialised resources websites is that they often cover all aspects of the language, so you should go check on those. If you aren't going to download anything from there, at least you can check the list of contents and make sure you aren't missing anything.

It is quite easy to find resources for learning English in the online sphere, but remember that not all of them are good, or enough for what you might need. So we recommend that you only go to certified sources. In example, English teaching resources by the British Council are a great option, it kind of goes without saying that they will have some of the best content for teaching and learning English. If you want to access more teaching and learning material on the English language provided by the British Council, click here.

Another great source of material for studying and self-learning is Primary Resources. The website itself might not look as great from a design's point of view, but the contents are comprehensive and of very good quality.

Are intensive English courses a good idea?

Intensive English courses serve a number of purposes, and mostly they are advertised to people who want to learn the language very fast. In most cases, these students are preparing for an opportunity, such as a promotion or courses abroad, and they have a short amount of time to acquire a certain level of proficiency in the language. In other cases, scheduling is the factor, and students want to take advantage of winter breaks or summer vacations to improve their English skills in order to face next semester with a higher language level.

Whatever the case is, intensive courses can increase class performance a lot, because they allow students to focus on what they are learning, which is great for concentration and memory. They shouldn't be exhausting, unless they are poorly designed. Some intensive courses even offer very interesting activities, including immersion in the English language and exposure to real life situations with native speakers, so students can test and practice their skills in a real environment.

Intensive English courses can be great for you if you have the time to dedicate to them. That's why you should be smart at picking the right time to engage in them. Learning English is a great investment at any time, and at any point of your life. Sign up for an English course and start enjoying the benefits of English fluency!


I now know better. I appreciate so much that you have made me and many more like me to stop viewing the debate on environmental degradation as politics. It impacts directly on our lives, perhaps even more than politics and I am happy to be part of this.  
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Very informative and on point. I like this site because it has provided us with a platform to get our voices heard as a group and speak out against those who are out to mess up our environment. I recommend you join us.
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