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Here is to a Greener future

Heading Towards a Greener Future with Renewable Energy

Energy plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Surviving without it is practically impossible for us. We rely on it so much that if power is to go out, we won’t even be able to cook our meals properly. With this much reliance on energy, there is no wonder that we are eating up our current energy resources like crude oil, coal and natural gas at a rapid pace. A day is not far off when we will completely run out of these resources for good. What will happen then? Well, if you think a dark future then no. The reason, there is a solution available, renewable energy. 

What is Renewable Energy? 

Renewable energy, as its names suggests is energy that can be renewed on its own. In simple terms, it is the energy that is supplied to us free of cost and in unlimited supply. We just have to learn how to properly use it and convert it into power. Visit to find out more about renewable energy sources. The following are some of the sources of renewable energy that can be used for producing power. 

 Solar Energy

 Wind Energy

Solar energy or the power of the sun is one of the best means of renewable energy available to us. We have had it ever since the world began but we didn’t know how to utilize it properly. This has changed now though. Having learnt that solar energy can be used to charge batteries using solar panels which can then power our homes people have started tapping into their bountiful source of renewable energy.  Wind energy is another excellent example of renewable energy that had gone unnoticed and unutilized for a long period of time. However, now that scientists have realized that we can use it for turning wind turbines for producing electricity, it is being used for energy production at a massive scale.  



Biomass is the waste product that we produce. It had not been considered a source of renewable energy in the past but now we know how valuable it can be. The advancement in science has shown us that biomass can be utilized for the purpose of producing sustainable energy. Moreover, it is a resource that is not going to end anytime soon not unless living beings go extinct that is.  Hydroelectric is a form of renewable energy that has been utilized for a long period of time for generating power. The use of water energy for powering turbines to produce electricity has helped us in generating cheap power for years. 

Tidal and Wave Energy 

Tides and waves have always been considered useful for sporting activities. Scientists have now realized that they can be utilized as a renewable source of energy too. Just like hydroelectric power, tidal and wave energy can be used for generating electricity too using tidal stations. 

Effects of Using Renewable Energy on the Environment

The use of renewable energy is having a massive impact on the environment. It is a step towards a greener future and a healthier planet. The reason for this is that the renewable energy sources provide us with power that is less harmful for the environment. The use of solar, wind and tidal energy doesn’t produce toxic waste or gases. This means no more damage to the ozone layer and no increase in pollution. This is the reason why energy companies like British Gas are moving towards the use of renewable energy resource. Learn more about how the company is doing this by visiting

Another means through which the use of renewable energy has been impacting the environment is that it is decreasing the use of fossil fuels. With energy companies using renewable sources for producing energy, there is no need for them to use fossil fuels. This has helped in ensuring that harmful chemicals don’t escape into the atmosphere when these fossil fuels are burnt. These fossil fuels are now being conserved as a result and are put to use in a more environmental friendly manner.      

Is Renewable Energy Lowering Energy Bills?

While the use of renewable energy for power generation has helped the environment, it has not helped in lowering its cost. Visit to find out why energy bills are still rising even with the use of renewable sources of energy for electricity production. 

Companies like British Gas however remain the best choice for people when it comes to getting cheap energy. You can contact British gas by getting their phone number from


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