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English Immersion Course

The benefits of immersion courses

It is no news that English proficiency has become one of the most useful - and valorated - assets in the world. Be it for work purposes, educational purposes, traveling or simply accessing information and communicating, the English language will open many doors that remain closed to those who can't speak and read it properly.

More and more people are becoming interested in learning English, so teachers and instututions must develop modern and efficient methodologies in order to absorb the increasing demand and provide the best courses and learning environments, so they can become competitive in the market and reach success. The traditional scheme of a classroom and classes centered in a teacher giving a lecture is still useful for many, but it has proven to be too limited when it comes to actual and useful learning for real life situations.

The only way to master a language is the same way we have mastered our own mother tongue when we were little kids: by constant exposure to the use of language by already proficient speakers. Even if we don't understand all we hear and make mistakes when talking, with proper guidance and practice we will incorporate words and phrases we hear, and so we will gain the proficiency that we want.

Language immersion courses aim to exploit the natural way our brain learns a language, and offer to take their students to real life situations with native speakers of the languag they want to learn, in this case English. The best place to do so is in an English-speaking country, where students will be forced to constantly exercise their knowledge of the language, and they will be exposed to English 24/7. And what better place to learn English than the cradle of the language itself, the United Kingdom.

British accademies offer immersion English courses for English speakers of other languages, and in this article we want to spotlight an Irish institution that has proven itself, year after year, effective and accurate in its methodology.

Moving On Courses

Moving On is based in Belfast and offers intensive and immersive English courses for students all around the world. It offers a wide range of option for English courses, including junior or starter courses, Business English courses, and intensive courses. 

Students attending Moving On Courses are highly encouraged to interact with native speakers, always supervised by their teachers. Their mistakes will be corrected so the learning experience is effective. They are located in the beautiful city of Belfast, in Ireland, a perfect place for an immersion experience.

With Moving On immersion courses, you spend all the time in an English-speaking environment. You live and eat with your teachers, so the experience is really intensive, and you make a great use of time. Each teacher has an average of two students under their supervision, so they can closely follow them and increase the learning rate. No teacher ever has more than four students at a time.

Moving On Courses also organizes afternoon trips where you can walk around the city, see landmarks, and interact with the Irish people in a number of situations - always in English, of course!

Staying in Belfast

The location of this language academy is just great for English students and lovers of the British culture. Belfast might be a small town, but it's just as beautiful and charming as any Irish place could be. It has a very rich history and a powerful local legacy, and you will never run out of places to visit. Belfast also offers modern entertainment and it has a rocking night life if you know where to look.

You can easily find accommodation in Belfast, but we suggest that you check websites like Expedia and TripAdvisor, looking for reviews on the best places to stay and the best things to do. You can also get cheap hotels for a more budget friendly stay at Belfast. 

There are many activities in the city, many things to do and to see, and a great guide to discover them is the website Visit Belfast. In this site you can find anything you need for a stay in the city. Info about the place itself, things to do, attractions, where to eat and, of course, where to stay. 

Belfast is a great place to spend some time and practise your English skills. With Moving On Courses, any student from any culture or language can develop a higher level in their English proficiency in real life situations, which are what the English language is meant for. 


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