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Business English Courses

Business English in the UK

Most English courses cover basic language skills and daily vocabulary, but they aren’t enough for professionals who want to develop their activities in English. It isn’t uncommon that students, juniors or even seniors, look for an English course and come out disappointed. They might find some good courses that will help them improve their proficiency and keep a conversation with someone else in English, as well as understand letters, newspapers and even some articles.

However, when they started their career, they had to learn a new language, which is the technical language of their profession: new terms, new phrases and new codes. Those aren’t words and expressions that they used before, in their daily lives. Accordingly, a typical English course won’t help them learn the same words and phrases, they need a special course.

The United Kingdom attracts many English students every year, as it is the cradle of English. People want to learn it from its source in order to ensure quality of learning - and teaching. Business students require specialised courses and the UK offers many of those.

Choosing a good Business English course

If you are going to invest your money and your time on something, you better make sure it’s something good; that’s thinking business. You need reccommendations if you are going to start a Business English course, and with so many of those around, how can you know which one is worth your time?

We have done the job for you and searched around, looking for the best Business English courses in the UK and Ireland. Here are those that have the best reviews, the higher outcome in terms of grades and proficiency, and the most proficient staff. We provide links to their websites along with our review, so you can go check them for yourself. They have all contact forms and phone lines available so you can find out more about those which call your attention.

Our top picks

Aston Guild

Victoria school is a educational institution that has been operating for quite a long time, mostly doing research and instructing English teachers in Ireland. They have several publications and have been encouraging publishers in English since the beginning. 

Starting last year, Aston Guild started offering Business English courses to international students who are currently attending graduate or postgraduate classes. With all their experience and resources, this is sure to be a good option for you.

Active Educational

This is an online language school mainly aimed to Spanish-speaking students. Aston Academy has all the advantages of an online school: flexibility, multimedia material and a great international community. Active Educational’s Business English courses meet the highest requirements for quality and they have had great results with their students since the very beginning.

Aston Academy

This is the original school branch of Aston Guild, which has its own infrastructure of English courses for all levels. What we like about Aston Academy is their emphasis in real life learning and in-situation English use. Students at spend the whole day with their teachers, and they go on trips to Irish cities to practise their skills. These are immersion courses with the extra of getting to see Ireland and interact with the Irish people. It is both educational and touristic and people who like Ireland will be in for a treat if they assist to Business English courses in Aston Academy.

SLC Learning Centres

This is a London-based language school with brances throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s a huge institution with dozens of courses and a great teaching quality.  have been developing very quickly over the last years thanks to their popularity among their students. Their Business English courses aren’t very frequent - there is only one a year so far - but their quality is great and they’re definitely worth considering.


is actually a shop for English course materials such as textbooks and grammar handbooks. They have a great catalogue and their products are very good, used by many schools including most of the above mentioned. We put it in the list because it has very interesting self-learning material for those who prefer that approach to learning English. They have Business English books and audiovisual media which will be perfect for you if you prefer to study on your own.

College of Piping

The College of Piping is an intensive-only English school suitable for students from all countries. It is currently offering Business English intensive courses. As this is their speciality, they do know how to manage timing and teaching methods so their intensive courses are actually effective, never rushed and perfeclty designed. The College of Piping is your best choice if you want to dive into it and learn very fast without resigning content or quality.


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