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We all have a say in environmental matters

This is our environment. It is our responsibility

Global climate change and environmental degradation is here with us and as much as we have been reluctant to act, it is still not too late. We all need a good and healthy environment to live and to see the next generation of humanity come to pass. At the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Agenda 21 was the most prevalent item of discussion and it has since resulted in the signing of quite a number of international treaties and conventions all aimed at promoting sustainable development. Sustainable development is a topic that has remained controversial for as long as it has been in existence and it has led to the signing of some of the most controversial treaties at the international stage to promote development that enables the current generation to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

The Kyoto protocol remains the most widely publicised treaty to date, mostly because some of the countries that were widely expected to ratify it, mostly as a sign of "owning up to their sins" in pollution never really put it into action. As it is, the Kyoto Protocol was given a new lifeline last year and it is expected to be implemented using the guidelines outlined in it in order to meet certain thresholds with regards to carbon emissions by the year 2020, when it will be reviewed next. However, as much as carbon emissions remain the most controversial of all the emmissions of gases, there are some other gases such as methane and water vapour ( due to high rate of evaporation) that are still a cause of concern to humanity, mostly because of the fact that they are classified as "green house gases".

We give you the knowledge you need in today’s world

In simple terms, green house gases (or GHGs) are those gases that have the tendency to trap a lot of heat and they also create some form of a layer in the upper atmosphere, thereby preventing the long wave radiation from the sun from being reflected back into the outer part of the atmosphere. The resultant effect is the trapping of a lot of heat within the earth’s atmosphere, creating a phenomenon that operates more like the greenhouses we use in agriculture. The world continues to largely rely on fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum to drive industries and locomotives such as vehicles. More so, there are some activities that if well embraced can put air pollution in check and thereby help alleviate the suffering that is already being experienced in a number of nations such as flooding, rising sea levels, drought and famine.

This site is dedicated to giving citizens useful information about what they can do to make the earth more comfortable to live in because the bad effects of prolonged and extensive environmental pollution are going to catch up with us sooner than we think. We believe that each person has a responsibility to make the environment better and that we owe it to our children and the next generation of humanity. We also have a platform where we call upon anyone who has seen an environmental crime to report and we aim to build a nationwide network to marshal voices to speak out against any forms of environmental pollution be it by government agencies, institutions or private entities.

Rise up and let your voice be heard!    




I now know better. I appreciate so much that you have made me and many more like me to stop viewing the debate on environmental degradation as politics. It impacts directly on our lives, perhaps even more than politics and I am happy to be part of this.  
Evan Benson
Lone Wolf Wealth Planning


Voices of reason

Very informative and on point. I like this site because it has provided us with a platform to get our voices heard as a group and speak out against those who are out to mess up our environment. I recommend you join us.
Anthony Kay
Alert Alarm Company

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